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Time for an SSD

The time is right to buy an SSD, because they are finally at the price/performance level where it’s just ridiculous to use anything else. Naysayers will claim that it’s still too early to switch, because you can buy a terabyte … Continue reading

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My Blog Personality

Try out Typealyzer to find out what your blog says about your personality. Here’s mine… INTJ – The Scientists The long-range thinking and individualistic type. They are especially good at looking at almost anything and figuring out a way of … Continue reading

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Quantifying Experience

It’s hard to find good developers. And it’s worse than useless to filter candidates by "experience" as included on a resume. Statements like "10 years Java experience" or "15 years SQL experience" are meaningless. The problem is that you can’t … Continue reading

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Comparing Strings Using Natural Ordering

This topic has been brought up numerous times before, but I wanted to take a shot at another solution, because I think there is still room for improvement, and I wanted a simple example to experiment with some new VB9 … Continue reading

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128bit Encoding Explained

First, here’s the promised VB version of the code. It’s almost identical to the Java version, except that… Unsigned integers remove the need for >>>= (The java unsigned shift right operator) Pass by reference eliminates the need for the Int128 … Continue reading

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Encoding 128bit Numbers as Strings

My current project needed a way to convert between 128 bit numbers (e.g. java.util.UUID) and strings. A special requirement is that the strings be legal Java identifiers, because we use them for variable names in generated code. For the same … Continue reading

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Windows Environment Editor released on SourceForge

I finally got around to submitting the Windows Environment Editor to SourceForge. You may recall this as the project originally created for the ill-fated OCI Summer of Code programming contest. We haven’t done much work on it since then, but … Continue reading

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